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Product Detail
Automatic Pocket Setter for jeans-Mitsubishi head
Automatic Pocket Setter for jeans-Mitsubishi head
Brand : Sewtech
Model : ST3020A
Original : 0.00

With Sewtech 3020 sewing head, high speed, perfect finishing. Target to denim materials,twill pocket, applicable for jeans/pants pockets.

Byselecting “check material mode”, machine automatically change to check materialmode, so you may match the pocket stripes before sewing, you will get perfectmatched pocket, on other hand you will lose some efficiency, it is all yourchoice.

Vacuumpositioning system, for different kind of materials, you can freely adjust thevacuum strength to hold the material.

effciency: 4-5 pockets per minute

customer can select left+right feeding to form a couple machine.